NCM-535 Chocolate Conching Machine

NCM-535  Chocolate Conching Machine
The conching machine consists of metal frame and tilting module with rotating bowl make of stainless steel and 2 millstones and base made of high density natural granite.
The tilting facilitates the effect chocolate mass discharge by tilting the bowl via the motor-reducer motion. The rotation of the bowl is control by motor reducer and the 2 rolling millstones are pressed against the granite base of the bowl by the pneumatic cylinders.
The bowl rotation speed, the stones pressure and inclination of the turning module are controlled automatically or manual mode from the control panel.
  1. Two major functions:Finest grinding and deacidify
  2. Refines particle size to less than 20 microns
  3. The max output is 40 kg of chocolate.
  4. Electronically controlled automatic flipping
  5. Stainless steel structure and natural granite
  6. Equipped with automatic power-off device, it can continuously operate for 5-7 days

  1. Power supply : Three-phase  220 / 380V  
  2. Drive Power: 2Hp  1.5kW  +  0.5Hp  0.37kW
  3. Product batch weight: 70Liters (40kg)
  4. Rotating Speed: 0~120 RPM
  5. Dimensions of machine: L167 x W69 x H150 CM
  6. Grinding Wheel Material: Natural Granite
  7. Container: Stainless Steel, diameter 45 * H 45 CM
  8. Weight: 260 kg
  9. Device: Electronically controlled automatic flipping/Buzzing device/Grinding time setting/Natural granite grinding wheel/Manual adjustment grinding wheel lifting/Dust Cover
  10. Country of Origin:Made in Taiwan
  11. Remarks: Patent