NBM-200 Stainless Steel Nut Butter Grinder​

NBM-200 Stainless Steel Nut Butter Grinder​ 

 100% Natural, Fresh, Original, Pure
Low-temperature paste/ Fast grinding/ Easy to clean/
No consumptive materials/ No additional oil and water needed

1. No need to add water or oil while grinding.
2. Low temperature grinding. Low temperature paste.
3. Multiple uses, can grinds multiple kinds of materials.
4. High-powered engine with fast grinding speed.
5. Patented grinding disc. Fast cooling speed and high durability.
6. Patented engine with safety device.
7. Simple and safe operation. Easy to clean.
8. Four levels of thickness adjustment.
9. Small volume and light weight.
10. Small investment, High return.

It can grind:

■ Nuts and Seeds:peanuts, sesame, cashew nuts, almond, macadamia nut, hazel nuts, pine nuts, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, cocoa, pistachio, Brazil nuts, Sacha inchi, etc.
■ Vegetable:pumpkin, potato, corn,radish, taro, sweet potato, yams, etc.
■ Fruits:dried fruits, avocado, dragon fruit, bananas, apples, papaya,
 coconuts, etc.
■ Beans:red beans, mung beans, black beans, soy beans, peas, etc.
■ Other:Miso, pesto, garlic , kelp, fungus, salted egg yolk, etc.

Production Capacity80~90kg / hr (For peanuts. Depends on the material)

Suitable forsupermarket, wholesale, DIY workshop, organic store、farm store, bakery, ice cream shop, hotel, restaurant, breakfast shop, noodle shop, etc.

Ways to use the pasteeat directly, bread dressing, soup base, salad dressing, dipping sauce, noodle dressing, desserts, ice cream, food development, coffee, hot chocolate, fruit juice, soymilk, milk, tea and all kinds of drinks, etc.

■ Power supply:AC 100V / 110V  50 / 60Hz
                            AC 220V/230V/240V  50 / 60Hz
■ Power:1.5 HP
■ Dimensions:46(L) x 25(W) x 55(H) cm
■ Net weight:32 kgs
■ Hopper Capacity:3.5 kgs
■ Material:#304 Stainless Steel Body / #316 Stainless Steel Grinding Disc
■ Appearance:Stainless Steel
■ Made in Taiwan
■ Patented
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