Company profile


The current company product ratio is 5% hardware parts and 95% health grinder series equipment. The health grinding equipment is mainly nut butter grinders and chocolate production equipment.

Health nut butter grinders are mainly sold in entrepreneurial markets, online shopping, local markets, supermarkets, hypermarkets, DIY stores, organic stores, tourism factories and leisure industries, agricultural product stores, bakery, ice property foods, pastry industry, filling industry, restaurants, cafes, restaurants, breakfast shops, sesame paste noodles restaurant, DIY at home, food processing industry, cookery course, creative beverage, dishes…..


Currently, Feli is the only company that has developed a range of chocolate production equipment that processes raw cocoa beans to 100% chocolate. Bean to Bar has become a trend in the market, this business opportunity exists in handmade chocolate entrepreneurship, chocolate factory, cafe, leisure tourism industry, school training….

Product are sold in the domestic and international market, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, China, Philippines, Indonesia, Russia, USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Sweden, Chile, India, Australia, Dubai, Brazil, Netherlands, Bahrain, New Zealand, Israel, Spain, Italy, Argentina, Turkey, Qatar, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Poland, Kenya etc…....more than 60 countries.

      We are currently developing a household-model health grinder since there is a large market demand. It is hoped that the household type will be a popular household addition that will provide 100% natural, fresh butter to promote a lifestyle of health & wellness.