NBM Series FAQ

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Disc Precaution and Grinding Guideline Link
Grinding Material Selection
  1. Nuts, sesame seeds (tahini) …etc., a well roasted will get the most oily, rich, qualities, tasty and smooth butter, as well as the great mobility, low temperature to ensure the disc will not wear out easily.
  2. If the nuts/seeds did not roasted well, the less oil and poor mobility causes tasteless and the high temperature of the grind-disc shorten its service life.
  3. For some nuts/seeds with less oil contents for example pumpkin seeds, almonds, sunflower should not be grinded over 30 minutes continuously or should mix with others oily nuts to extend disc service life.
  4. For grinding black sesame, please make sure it’s good quality and well roasted or the butter will not flow out smoothly and the sesame seeds maybe emerge upwards from the funnel entrance.
Friction Sound
  1. Check if the two hopper support securing knobs are locked.
  2. Loosen the two hopper support securing knobs and then lock again.
  3. Disassemble the hopper support and check if there is any paste remained on the round surface.
  4. After assembling the rotating disc, turn it by hand to see if there is friction sound.
Sudden Shutdown
    1.Whether the grinding material is too dry, too hard, or insufficient in oil contained?
       →Select another roasted well and oily nuts to test.
    2.Whether the overcurrent protection button on the backside bounces up?
→Yes:turn off the power, disassemble and clean the front cap and rotating disc, push the overcurrent protection button back, assemble the front cap and rotating disc, and turn on the power.
→No:turn on the power and check if there is the sound of motor operation, turn off the power and disassemble the rotating disc and check whether the disc wears out, assemble the rotating disc and the front cap, turn of the power.
   3.Whether the grinding disc wears out?
→Use visual inspection or use finger to touch the disc gear, if the gear tip gets wear and become smooth (loss the sharp), please replace a set of disc.
   4.Whether the power source is independent? Whether the voltage is stable?
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