NCM-502 Table Type Chocolate Conching Machine

NCM-502 Chocolate Conche Refiners
Suitable for grinding :This fantastic spinner give you the richest, healthiest, tastiest and highest quality Nut Butter. It will make the silky smooth creamy melt in your mouth butter with the slow grinding processing for the healthiest, freshest nut and seed butters. The spinner grinder can be used to make chocolate from cocoa beans, coconut butters, Nut butters and other food processing。
Suitable application:Research the chocolate and nut butter market development
Product features:
  1. Two major functions:Finest grinding and deacidify
  2. Stainless steel structure and natural granite
  3. Transmission structure adopts timing belt and it reduce the risk of loosen and break
  4. Equipped with automatic power-off device, it can continuously operate for 5-7 days
  5. Heating device
  6. Easy to disassemble and cleaning
Product Specification:
  1. Suitable volt:AC 110V/220V    130W
  2. Measurement:48.5cm x 28cm x30cm
  3. Capacity:4.5 kg
  4. Speed of rotation:130RPM
  5. Weight:32 kg
  6. Degree of finely grinding:20~25
  7. Material:Stainless steel
  8. Country of Origin:Made inTaiwan
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