NTM-610 Far Infrared Roller Roasting Machine
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Constant temperature status:

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NTM-610 Far-infrared Roller Roasting Machine
Electro-Quick Roasting!
Speed Adjustable! Temp Adjustable!

Mainly suitable for all kinds of rollable materials :
Peanuts, Chestnut, Sesame seed, Sunflower seeds, Walnut, Pumpkin seeds, Cashew, Watermelon seeds, Soybean, Macadamia, Flax seeds, Cocoa bean , Almond nuts, Tea leaves , Coffee beans, etc.

  1. With the strong penetration property of the far-infrared technology, it makes the material you roast more evenly from the inside out.
  2. Drum and baffles design makes the roasting process more comprehensive.
  3. The more precise temperature detection that the probe in the drum is in direct contact with the material.
  4. The material checking hole lets you check the material anytime without turning off the oven.
  5. Drawer-type tipping design lets you pull out to cool down easily after pouring down the ingredient.
  1. Utility Voltage: 3 phrases / single phase    220V / 3000W.   
  2. Dimension: (L)85 x (M)50 x (H)64 CM
  3. Weight: 68 KG
  4. Spinning Speed: 0~100 RPM
  5. Temperature Control: 0 ~ 300℃
  6. Time settings: minute/hour
  7. Half drum capacity: 25L (12-15 KG)
  8. Electric heating device: Three-section switching far-infrared quartz heating tube
  9. Leakage safety device(Overcurrent protection switch)
  10. Functional design: Buzzer/Exhaust heat/ Retrieval inspection hole
  11. Material: Stainless steel body
  12. Country of Origin: Made in Taiwan
  13. Remarks: Patented