NTM-610 Roller Roasting Machine
NTM-610 Far-infrared Roller Roasting Machine
Electro-Quick Roasting!
Speed Adjustable! Temp Adjustable!

Nuts Roasting Machine mainly suitable for all kind of :
Peanuts, Chestnut, Sesame seed, Sunflower seeds, Walnut, Pumpkin seeds, Cashew, Watermelon seeds, Soybean, Hawaiian bean, Flax seeds, Cocoa bean , Almond nuts, Tea leaves , Coffee beans.

  1. Utility Voltage: 3 phrases / single phase    220V / 3000W.   
  2. Dimension: (L)85 x (M)50 x (H)64 CM
  3. Weight: 68 KG
  4. Spinning Speed: 0~100 RPM
  5. Temperature Control: 0 ~ 300℃
  6. Time settings: minute/hour
  7. Capacity: 12-15 KG
  8. Electric heating device: Three-section switching far-infrared quartz heating tube
  9. Leakage safety device(Overcurrent protection switch)
  10. Functional design: Buzzer/Exhaust heat/ Retrieval inspection hole
  11. Material: Stainless steel body
  12. Country of Origin: Made in Taiwan
  13. Remarks: Patented